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(Updated 4 May 2015)

We are now based at the University of Warwick, although we still keep the lab at Genopole (Paris region). Therefore, we are hiring postdocs for both places (sometimes the adverts may have expired but we may consider applications)

The therapeutics of tomorrow will be individualized, specific, and self-regulated. A programmable synthetic phage could revolutionize phage therapy providing a novel approach against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. For this, the laboratory of Professor Alfonso Jaramillo ( is developing novel experimental methodologies to engineer a novel synthetic phage system. You will use a combination of directed evolution, automation, virus engineering, microfluidics, and synthetic biology. You will be part or an international consortium devoted to the development and use of a novel in vivo evolution technology that can be programmed, allowing the engineering of complex multi-functional systems.

We currently have 1 postdoc opening (please apply by 5th May 2015 through the official website):

We may also have placements for students and postdocs coming with their funding. Please carefully read the links below and then contact Prof. Alfonso Jaramillo (alfonso.jaramillo

Searching for funding to work with us? Check this:

To do a master or PhD degree with us you must get a scholarship. Please notice that the deadlines are very early, don't wait until the last weeks to contact us.



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Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB)

PhD Studentship


Projects should fit with the priorities of at least one of AHDB’s sector divisions:

Horticulture (HDC), Cereals and oilseeds (HGCA), Beef & lamb (EBLEX), Potatoes (Potato Council), Pigs (BPEX), Milk (DairyCo)

Alzheimer’s Research UK

PhD Scholarship

9th Oct 2015


Banco de México

FIDERH PhD Programme


Student must be a Mexican citizen. Warwick offers a 10% reduction in fees to successful awardees

BIS (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills)

Commonwealth Scholarship



Student must be a citizen of a developed Commonwealth country (Australia, The Bahamas, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Cyprus, Malta, and New Zealand)

British Council

Newton Fund PhD Scholarship


Funding for students from a specified partner country to undertake full PhD studies in the UK. Calls are launched on a country-by-country basis

Ciência Sem Frontieiras (Science Without Borders, SWB)

PhD Programme

21st August 2015

Student must be a Brazilian citizen. After identifying an appropriate supervisor the student should apply directly to SWB and to apply to Warwick via the usual process. Support is available via the Warwick International Office

DSTL (Defence Science & Technology Laboratory)

PhD Programme


Includes the UK-France PhD Programme, the Defence and Security PhD Programme, and additional themed calls

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Marshall Scholarship


Student must be a US citizen. Two-year scholarship with possibility of extension to a third year


CASE studentship

8th July 2015

Research Council-funded PhD training in collaboration with an industrial partner


PhD Studentship

10th June 2015

(outline application)

Medical, biological or veterinary research relating to the discovery and application of new technologies and approaches to replace, reduce and refine the use of animals for scientific purposes


CASE studentship


Research Council-funded PhD training in collaboration with an industrial partner

Parkinson’s UK

PhD Studentship

3rd June 2015


Rosetrees Trust

PhD Studentship

31st Oct 2015 (stipends) & 31st Mar 2016 (consumables)

Biomedical research

University of Warwick

Warwick Collaborative Postgraduate Research Scholarship (WCPRS)


50% match funding must be secured from an external sponsor (eg. industrial partner)

University of Warwick

Chancellor’s International Scholarship


Call for applications is expected to open on 1st August 2015

University of Warwick-China Scholarship Council

Joint PhD Scholarship


Student must be a citizen of the People’s Republic of China

Wellcome Trust/NIH

PhD Studentship


Collaborative four-year biomedical PhD training based at a UK university and NIH Bethesda

Funding to do a master degree in Warwick. We have two types of master degrees, one focused in courses and another focused in research. If you are interested in the later and in working with us then we can help you.

Check the postgraduate funding at Warwick and Scholarships Available

Advice: Top Tips for your PhD Funding Application and Advice for students

Postdoctoral fellowships to work here (list compiled from the Statistics Dept, but it's mostly applicable to us)

Specific fellowships that could be used to work with us: