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The therapeutics of tomorrow will be individualized, specific, and self-regulated. This could be achieved by synthetic organisms, once we know how to engineer them. The simplest and safest is the bacteriophage. I believe that by engineering a synthetic phage to be used in phage therapy against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, my lab will provide a proof-of-concept that will trigger more synthetic biology efforts to fight human diseases (e.g., oncolytic therapy). For this, we work at the interface of molecular biology, combinatorial optimization, microfluidics, directed evolution and 3D printing.

If you firmly believe that synthetic viral therapy will be the disruptive technology that will revolutionize medicine, maybe you'd like to join us at the University of Warwick (main affiliation) or at the ISSB.


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Synthetic Biology's impossible play
Prof Alfonso Jaramillo is co-organising with Dr. Kevin Moffat an interactive theater play (where they play the role of scientists from the Institute of Impossibility). The EVOPROG project is featured there. The shows will be taking part in the historic Coventry Mysteries festival from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th May. The festival presentation will be driven by LAStheatre and will take place in the amazing Draper's Hall in Coventry City centre, which is currently being converted into the "Institute of Impossibility". There will be two performances each day and the show will provide the audience with an opportunity to meet our scientists and get involved in hands-on demonstrations from the world of synthetic biology. Full details are available at the Institute of Impossibility.